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Micol Cazzell's latest EP, Little Fits was released on November 10th, 2017 on Gaylord's Party Music based out of Oakland, CA (Gaylord's Bandcamp Page).

Hailing from the suburbs of the San Joaquin Valley of California, Micol Cazzell had been making self-released, gloom-fueled, and wispy indie-folk tunes since 2008.

In early 2015, after some time away from music, and in the midst of family upheaval, he found himself fed-up with the coasting of his early 20's, and too old to be living with his parents, so he found some traveling companions, and weaved through the Siskiyous with everything he owned before finally washing up on the shores of Seattle. Since tentatively getting over his quarter-life crisis, he has been working full time at a coffee shop, and recording full-band arrangements in his basement with better microphones, a drum kit, and a MacBook.

Self recorded and produced, and mastered by TW Walsh, Little Fits is a brief exploration of what it’s like to wrestle with a prickly and immature identity, in an immature and postmodern world. Hard to say if he’s properly abandoned the indie-folk genre, but a few things are certain: there are drums, there are electric guitars, there are synthesizers, and significantly less gloom now. Influences for Little Fits include David Bazan's Fewer Moving Parts, Elliott Smith's From a Basement on the Hill, and TW Walsh's Songs of Pain and Leisure.