Nov 052014

Vallejo Bookstore
Saturday, November 8th, 2014
628 Marin Street, Vallejo, CA

Free Show

Playing with:
Lew Buzbee will be reading from his upcoming novel “Garbage Hill” and I’ll be playing some songs that were featured in the book!

This will be a special event. I suggest anybody that enjoys literature, music, or any sort of art, come to hear Lew read. The world that he has realized in this novel really blew me away! It was truly one of my favorite reads ever, and that is totally despite the fact that a few of my lyrics are in it.

This event will also be the first of it’s kind at the Vallejo Bookstore, which my dear friend Dave Tilton has newly re-opened!


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Feb 082013

On a strange whim, I recently became interested in typewriters. When I explained this to my Grandmother she replied “I knew I kept this thing for a reason!” and went on to give me her early 60’s Royal Aristocrat typewriter. It’s the first time ever that I have written lyrics before writing music, and I believe I’ve fallen in love. Check it out below.

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Jan 132013

I’m playing the Oakdale Songwriter Slam hosted by Charles Tyler Rogers of The Airlings. At this special slam, fellow Airlings bassist Ricardo Friaz will be releasing his debut CD for his solo project Viva Joaquin! Also Alida McKeon and Heaven Burtch will be there. It’s going to be a good one. Click on the poster to view show details, or visit the facebook event.

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Dec 282012

The holidays are over, and that can only mean one thing: I’m not a slave to retail anymore (not entirely anyway). I’m playing Grizzly Rock on the 4th of January with Indian Runner and Dandelion Massacre. Thus far this is one of my favorite places to play, or spectate for that matter. The bands are great and the crowd is cool and Quote Your Pulse is a nifty little outfit, so come out and take in the evening. It’s better than your couch. And I’m a fellow hermit. Trust me. Show’s at 8:30. Here’s the Facebook Event.

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Sep 152012

Here’s a couple photos that I’ve got from Thursday’s show.

What’s even better than those, however, are Wayne Campbell’s photos and James Christiansen’s artwork from that night. Definitely check those out.

If you missed us at the Ramble, the airlings and I are playing together again at Grizzly Rock on the 28th. They really put on a hell of a show, so whether or not you’re excited to see me play, come see the Airlings.

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